Thunderbird and Firefox crash every time since today. I haven't changed anything or done anything


Thunderbird and Firefox are crashing as soon as I open them every time since this afternoon. This is the first time it happens. I haven’t done nothing at all. I just opened Thunderbird, read an email and walked a few minutes away. As I came back, I can’t open neither Thunderbird nor Firefox at all.

After crashing Firefox shows a window to invite me to start in safe mode, which is fine.

I don’t know the command and full path to start Thunderbird in safe mode.

I have uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled it but it didn’t help.

Did an update do this?

Thanks for helping

Can you write me the full command to start Thunderbird in safe mode please?

quotes from
eos-diagnostic-240229_145152_UTC-0400.txt (1006.2 KB)

…"endless thunderbird-bin[2819]: Failed to load module “canberra-gtk-module”
“endless org.mozilla.Thunderbird.desktop[2819]: ATTENTION: default value of option mesa_glthread overridden by environment.”
“endless org.mozilla.Thunderbird.desktop[2819]: ExceptionHandler::GenerateDump cloned child”
…“endless org.mozilla.firefox.desktop[3558]: Exiting due to channel error.”
…“endless org.mozilla.Thunderbird.desktop[2526]: ExceptionHandler::GenerateDump cloned child 81”

I have fully reinstalled­ Endless OS with the latest download. This is a new install on a formatted HDD, with the latest download and updates. Everything was OK until I launch Firefox. Firefox and Thunderbird are still crashing !! ! Worse, there is no safe mode invite to start Firefox. What a waste of time. Everything else is OK. What is wrong?

I have installed Waterfox which seems quite as good as Firefox, OK.

I still have to find a software which can import the Thunderbird profile and data. Ain’t there a Hailbird or something. Betterbird is crashing too on Endless OS 5.1.2 fr.

After some automatic updates everything is finally back to normal. Still alone. Thank you invisible helper.

I must suggest you to get contact with the administrator or put your query on the help section.

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