Српски језик на Ендлес оперативном систему


Зашто не постоји Endless OS на Српском језику? Много људи овде користи Линукс и Ендлес оперативни систем.


Would you like to translate Endless OS to your language?


I asked admin here on the forum and some administrators with private messages, I added to Serbian, but no one answered nothing


@gmiserbia1 Start translating the Endless OS for your language


@LeandroStanger I registered on the site I got a link, but for the first time I meet with it and I do not know how and where to start translating into Serbian

Sorry, if you or somebody help whit that


Read the documentation on how to translate Endless OS: https://community.endlessos.com/t/get-involved-translations/778

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