Не запускается после ввода пароля


После запуска просит набрать ранее созданный пароль. Я его набираю и нажимаю разблокировать и висит загрузка. Уже целый час ждал, так и не запустился. Произошло это сразу после обновления до 3.6.0. Я уже перезагружался, не помогло. Пожалуйста помогите мне, у меня там хранятся файлы которые не хочется удалять.



I have the same problem. Your advise to use GRUB to boot the previous version has no use. The menu to select is not available. Instead of it I got the GRUB command line. Could you figure out the bug? Do you have a solution? I have important data on my comp and I must use it dayli. Being this release installed I lost my comp. I tghout that you tested this release at least for such a simple compatibility issue. Pls. Provide some realistic workaround how we can get back our instrument

  1. Run the command:
sudo bash
  1. Wait for the message to restart (This may take a few minutes)


Please can you take a photo of the GRUB screen that you reach?

(The command @LeandroStanger suggests will certainly not work at a GRUB prompt.)

Another approach:

  • Boot 3.6.0 as normal
  • When you reach the graphical login screen, press Ctrl+Alt+F2
  • You should see a text console with a “login” prompt. Enter your username; press enter; enter your password; press enter
  • You should see a username@endless:~$ prompt. Type sudo eos-rollback and press Enter. Type your password when prompted. Nothing will appear on screen when you type your password – this is normal. Press Enter.
  • You should now see some debug messages, followed by “Rollback complete. Please reboot the computer to start the previous OS version.”
  • Type sudo reboot and press enter.

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