Touchpad and keyboard don't work | Endless 3.9.0

After last update my touchpad and keyboard stopped working. Everything is okay if I look into settings, so I don’t know, what causes the problem. eos-diagnostic-201120_115537_UTC 0100.txt (22.9 MB)


This might help:

I’ve just done that, but it didn’t help.

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I have a similar issue already with EOS 3.8.7 with Asus VivoBook. The regular keyboard does not work (actually, a few keys do work, e.g. back space and enter, many output “-” instead of the proper text or no text at all). An external keyboard (USB) works properly.

I thought that this was a hardware issue (in fact, the keyboard does not work on Bios as well). But now I want to try the code mentioned by egrath.

This produces no action, just continues to prompt “>” (I tried it in 3.8.7). Should I replace “EOF” with something else?

It should work … eventually just a copy/paste issue? Copy the whole bunch into the terminal as it is and you should be fine.

I found that it required Ctrl-D to proceed, after this it gave the following warning:

bash: attenzione: here-document alla riga 1 è delimitato da un EOF (era richiesto “EOF”)
[bash: warning: here-document at line 1 is delimited by EOF (“EOF” was required)]

It has created an empty file named "98-asus-wmi-hotkeys.conf. Apparently no change on the keyboard.

I shall try to write Section… inside the file.

No way (even after rebooting). Still, I am afraid that in my case it is a hardware issue, after all.

Now everything works as it should! Thank you very much! :))

This problem is affecting several users - most of which are Asus laptops. @egrath has posted details of a workaround, but we don’t yet understand why this problem exists or how to address it in a more comprehensive fashion. We even tested 13 Asus laptops but none of them exhibited the problem.

Would anyone who is facing this issue (keyboard not working after update to latest Endless version) be interested in helping us understand the problem via a remote access debugging session? (This can be done even if you have put @egrath’s workaround in place)

  • This would involve coordinating over WhatsApp. We would agree on a time slot somewhere between 8am and 8pm Taiwan time (GMT+8).
  • You’d need an internet connection and an external keyboard.
  • On my instruction, you would run a command that grants me remote access.
  • I would have full admin access to your computer, documents, etc. (I will not be looking at those, but I want to make you aware of the level of access you are granting.)
  • At some points during the session I will ask you to press keys on the internal keyboard.

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