Unable to install Encyclopedia


I’ve just installed Endless OS, the Basic version, and I am currently trying to download the Encyclopedia application from the App Center. I’m on 3.3.12.

The application constantly fails to download. It gets to some percentage, 63% or 95%, in a few seconds and then stops progressing altogether.

I’ve tried the script posted above, to no avail. I’ve attached the eos-diagnostics file. The only possible reason I can propose is that my (few) app installs have perhaps filled up too much space since I only set 16GB for the EOS partition size, but I do not think that that is the solution, either (I downloaded a version of Unity, a bit less than 5GB, and then I moved it to the Trash, didn’t install anything else larger than 200MB). The seemingly arbitrary amount of progress and a lack of any other error message makes me think that space is not the issue.

eos-diagnostic-180307_005418_UTC 0300.txt (305.4 KB)

Please can you follow these instructions (from the bottom of https://support.endlessm.com/hc/en-us/articles/208416346-How-do-I-make-a-debug-log-of-Endless-OS-):

  • Open Terminal
  • Run killall gnome-software
  • Run gnome-software --verbose > gnome-software-verbose.txt – this will launch the app center and gather a lot of debug output to a text file
  • Reproduce the problem in the app center
  • Close the app center and return to the Terminal
  • Press Ctrl-C
  • Attach gnome-software-verbose.txt

@jrocha may be able to help – but that extra log will be even more helpful. Thanks!