Unable to Launch Zoom post installation from APP Store


Unable to Launch Zoom post installation from APP Store. Daignestic logs attached here for the reference please assist .

solutioneos-diagnostic-210615_055419_UTC 0530.txt (389.5 KB)

You urgently need to upgrade your Endless OS to the latest version available. This will also solve the issue in your other Thread with Chrome.

Please follow the information in the following thread:

Hi Egrath,

Thanks for reply . Getting below issue while running sudo ostree admin upgrade

Receiving metadata objects: 3/(estimating) 405.9 kB/s 4.1 MB
error: Commit b90c9d17e795282c96f429654a516709a1dc11a5d13b8d4a19d98f60e994910c: GPG signatures found, but none are in trusted keyring

Please suggest further.

Jamal Ahmad

Unable to Upgrade : getting below error

Also, unable to upgarde from setting —> Details —> Click for update now …getting message no updates available …

Please suggest
ashir@endless:~$ eos-updater-ctl update
Changed state to Polling
Changed state to Ready
======= Properties =======
State: Polling
CurrentID: ‘1d74f4ff25bad55aabe2101e8a6fc2a9aa553454e56cbe3be7d853617fe5a226’
DownloadSize: int64 0
DownloadedBytes: int64 0
ErrorCode: uint32 0
ErrorMessage: ‘’
ErrorName: ‘’
FullDownloadSize: int64 0
FullUnpackedSize: int64 0
OriginalRefspec: ‘’
UnpackedSize: int64 0
UpdateID: ‘’
UpdateLabel: ‘’
UpdateMessage: ‘’
UpdateRefspec: ‘’

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/bin/eos-updater-ctl”, line 355, in
File “/usr/bin/eos-updater-ctl”, line 351, in main
File “/usr/bin/eos-updater-ctl”, line 186, in command_update
fetch_result = command_fetch(block=True, quiet=quiet)
File “/usr/bin/eos-updater-ctl”, line 173, in command_fetch
return command_dbus(‘fetch’, block, quiet)
File “/usr/bin/eos-updater-ctl”, line 145, in command_dbus
proxy.call_sync(‘com.endlessm.Updater.’ + function_name, None, 0, -1, None)
GLib.Error: g-io-error-quark: GDBus.Error:com.endlessm.Updater.Error.WrongState: Can’t call Fetch() while in state Ready (36)
ashir@endless:~$ eos-updater-ctl update


Can you please run:

sudo cp /ostree/repo/config /ostree/repo/config.ori
cat /ostree/repo/config | sed s/"\[remote \"eos\"\]"/"\[remote \"eos\"\]\ngpg-verify=false"/g > /tmp/config
sudo mv /tmp/config /ostree/repo/config

Then, reboot and run:

sudo ostree admin upgrade

This time, no error should occur.

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