Unable to use Broadcom 802.11 Wireless on my Sony VAIO

Hello Team

Good Day!! I am unable to use the Broadcom Wireless on my Sony VAIO. Kindly find the diagnostics file and help me with the same.

Thank you.

Sourav Dutta
eos-diagnostic-200326_232933_UTC 0530.txt (893.0 KB)

Welcome to Endless! I’m sorry for the trouble here. Sadly, your Broadcom wifi BCM43142 is not supported by the official Linux kernel (requires the ‘wl’ driver); Broadcom never produced official Linux support for this hardware :frowning: That means it will not work on Endless.

At this point you will need to find a solution that avoids this wifi card, such as:

  • Replace the internal wifi card with one that is well supported by Linux (e.g. Intel wifi) (not possible on all laptop models)
  • Purchase a USB-wifi adapter and use that instead of the internal wifi
  • Use ethernet wired networking instead of wifi

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