Upgrade from Endless OS 2.x to Endless OS 3

Upgrade from Endless OS 2.x to Endless OS 3

Limitation: This FAQ applies to Endless users with version 2.x only.

To upgrade to Endless OS 3, follow these steps:

  1. Update to the latest 2.x version. You can do this by going to Settings > Details > Check for updates now.

  2. Back up all of your files, just in case.

  3. Go to Terminal and enter the commands as below:

rm -f eos-upgrade-eos2-to-eos3

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/endlessm/eos-customer-support/master/eos-upgrade-eos2-to-eos3

chmod +x eos-upgrade-eos2-to-eos3

sudo ./eos-upgrade-eos2-to-eos3

4.Enter your user password when asked, read the warning message displayed, and type “y” followed by the Enter key whenever you are prompted to proceed.

###Here are some things to consider as you decide whether or not to upgrade to Endless OS 3:

Benefits of Endless OS 3:

  • Support for Flatpak applications (http://flatpak.org/)
  • New app center
  • More modern desktop icon theme
  • Support for newer hardware
  • Newer version of Chromium browser
  • Support for Google Chrome (except on Endless Mini hardware)
  • Continue to get all the latest OS and application updates and fixes

Limitations of Endless OS 3:

IMPORTANT: If you do not upgrade to Endless OS 3, your experience will remain as it is and will soon become unsupported. This means you will not receive new apps or updates. We highly encourage users to upgrade.

###Why must I update manually from Endless OS 2.x to Endless OS 3?

While every major release brings significant improvements and new features to Endless OS, version 3.0 was an especially big release because we added a lot of changes that affected the entire system. This includes low-level things like adding Flatpak compatibility, which will help users gain access to many more new apps in the future. The update was so big that we are calling the new version “Endless OS 3”.

Due to the enormity of the changes throughout the system, and the fact that the old applications format used in 2.X will no longer be supported, previous Endless OS users who want to use Endless OS 3 will need to upgrade their systems semi-manually. Please note that this upgrade may not be the best option for all users, so read the benefits and limitations below carefully before deciding whether or not upgrade to Endless OS 3.

###Can I just download and install Endless OS 3 from your website?

While downloading and installing Endless OS 3 is an option for users who originally downloaded the OS from our website, most users who purchased a machine with Endless OS will be unable to do a fresh installation because the download is unsupported. The good news is that with the semi-manual upgrade, all of your personal files will remain, though you should still back them up just in case.


  • This upgrade process will remove any installed application bundles and printer drivers. After rebooting to Endless OS 3, the apps you want to use will need to be reinstalled from the App Center, and the printer drivers will need to be added again.
  • Once the upgrade starts, it will download approximately 1 GB of data or more over the internet. Please be patient and make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • The first time you install an application from the App Center, approximately 2 GB of data will be downloaded before the application is installed. This is because a Flatpak runtime is being downloaded and installed along with the app. Sometimes this first app installation (including the large runtime) will fail. If so, please try again, and the download will pick up from where it left off. After you download the first app from the App Center, the others will no longer need to download the Flatpak runtime, and downloads will resume as normal.
  • Depending on the language, the Encyclopedia app may be as large as 5 GB, and may require a lot of internet bandwidth and take a particularly long time to download.
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If anyone tried to use the above script before January 19, 2017 and found bugs with the upgrade, please check out the following post for the fix: