USB Installer - Failed to start Zram-based swap

I’m trying to boot the Endless OS installer, which fails with the above error “Failed to start Zram-based swap”

Steps to reproduce

1\ Choose UEFI boot from Endless OS key made using Windows Endless OS tool
2\ Endless OS splash appears
3\ After a wait, the text error “Failed to start Zram-based swap” appears

Hardware is
AMD 7950X
NVidia 4090

Any thoughts on potential work arounds?

Interesting, the new AMD chip.

After search some information, seems kernel 5.15 in Endless OS 5.0 does not fully support AMD 7950X.

Endless OS is working on getting newer kernel, now. Hope it will solve this issue with newer version.

Thanks for the sleuthing starnight. I’ll swing back around when Endless updates.:slight_smile:


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