USB Installer fails to boot - Timeout waiting for device

I’m trying to install Endless 3.7.6 on some ThinkPad X240 laptops. On multiple laptops, I get the same error: “Timed out waiting for device /dev/mapper/endless-image3.” From there, it starts a cascade failure and falls back to emergency mode.

I’ve tried different X240 laptops as well as different USB keys. I thought maybe it was a BIOS version issue, but that’s not the case either. I get the same error whether I use EFI or Legacy modes. There was a message about saving a log file to a USB drive, but I’m unclear as to how to do that since there’s no OS running.

Hi, @Rocky_Carr!

Are you dual-boot installing or simply trying to boot from the USB?

I am doing a boot from USB with a clean install.

EDIT: It looks like it may be a problem with the laptop hard drive. I swapped out the HDD, and now the USB key is working. Does the USB installer depend on the local HDD before installation?

Hi! I am glad that you were able to resolve this. In regards to your question, it doesn’t depend, in theory what is installed on the disk should not affect the ability to boot the USB installer.

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