Utilizando o Edless

Boa Tarde, adquiri um Acer Nitro 5 e gostaria de saber se no Endless posso instalar tranquilamente o Auto-Cad, o Teans e o jogo World of WarPlanes. Grato.

Right now is only possible to install apps that are based on Flatpak.

AutoCad is currently not available for Endless OS but we have an alternative called FreeCAD.

Probably you could get World of WarPlanes via Steam or Phoenicis PlayOnLinux

These articles will provide more details about it:

What’s Flatpak?
Can I install and add new software or apps?

Hello Byron, I use Teams to teach, is it possible to install it on endless?

Try this link, please. https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.github.IsmaelMartinez.teams_for_linux

Thanks for your help Byron

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