Vanished screenrotation?

I remember vaguely that there was an option to rotate the screen orientation under display settings, but I cannot find it anymore. There is an option “Unlock/Lock screen rotation” in the main menu, but I cannot find anything about screen orientation in the settings/display settings. Where can I find it?
eos-diagnostic-231213_162321_UTC 0100.txt (2.0 MB)

I wonder if it depends on graphics card capabilities.
I see this under Display settings:

Yes, I remember also that I found it there, but I can’t find it any more.

and even more funny: If I plug in a second screen via HDMI, there is an option for screen rotation/orientation for the second monitor, but still not for the built in monitor of the notebook.

does somebody have an idea?

I checked the code which decides whether to show that option.

Digging into the implementation of cc_display_monitor_supports_rotation, supports_rotation is always TRUE, so ignore that.

If the monitor is not the built-in monitor, then the option is always shown.

Otherwise, the option is only shown if the computer does not have an accelerometer. Your laptop does have an accelorometer, which is why the “Unlock/Lock screen rotation” option is shown in the system menu, and also why this option is not shown in settings.

ok. I understand, thanks. My problem was that the screen was rotated when I opened up the laptop after it was going to standby and I was unable to get the screen back to normal orientation correctly. In the moment, I cannot reproduce this behavior, but I can rotate the screen by rotating the laptop (which I never realized before, I vaguely remember that I tried quite some time ago to flip the keyboard behind the screen for reading some stuff, but I had to manually rotate it via the setting, so I refrained from using it).

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