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Just wanted to inform in this thread, that updating works again, just updated a fresh 3.5.6 and 3.3.16 to the latest one (with eos-updater-ctl poll; eos-updater-ctl update).


My OS is 3.3.19
I entered this to terminal
eos-updater-ctl poll; eos-updater-ctl update
It came back with error messages


Endless OS 3.3.19 (180611-160226)
Did I do something wrong?


Can you do:

  1. Open a Terminal and write:
journalctl -f -u eos-updater
  1. Open another Terminal and write:
eos-updater-ctl update

Then copy the output from the first window here. This will show us, whats going on with your updater and which errors are produced.


mr@endless:~$ journalctl -f -u eos-updater
– Logs begin at Thu 2019-05-23 05:56:04 +08. –
May 23 05:56:56 endless systemd[1]: Starting Endless OS Updater…
May 23 05:56:56 endless eos-updater[1275]: Acquired a message bus connection
May 23 05:56:57 endless eos-updater[1275]: Changing to state Ready
May 23 05:56:57 endless eos-updater[1275]: Exporting objects
May 23 05:56:57 endless systemd[1]: Started Endless OS Updater.
May 23 05:56:57 endless eos-updater[1275]: Acquired the name com.endlessm.Updater


No error there :slight_smile: Second terminal says

Changed state to UpdateApplied


Thanks so much !!!


Thanks for the update. We looked into it after you reported still seeing these signature errors, and found that the old signatures had been cached by our CDN. This should be fixed now, and it sounds like that’s the case for everyone in this thread!

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