VLC start-up video autoplay


I’d like to auto-run a video on VLC when Endless OS start. Is there any way you can do that? Also i’d like to make the video auto-run and repeat at the same time right after you start the PC.

Thanks for your help.


create a file, called ~/.config/autostart/vlc.desktop with the following (to your needs adopted) content:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=VLC Autoplay
Exec=sh -c "sleep 5; flatpak run org.videolan.VLC /sysroot/home/egon/Downloads/2a5e7bf4fe51ac4a.mp4"

Then open a Terminal and type:

cd ~/.config/autostart
chmod 755 vlc.desktop
gio set vlc.desktop metadata::trusted yes

Now each time you Log in to your EOS, VLC will be executed automatically to play the given file. Append any parameters you need, like fullscreen playback or looping.

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How do i create a file?

Use a text editor application, like Gedit.