VSCode, Python and Venvs

Hello all;

I just purchased a laptop that came with Endless OS. While usually working with Mint/Bunsenlabs, I decided to give Endless a try.

So far, it has been good for the first couple of days. However, one of the repos that I work on is based on python. I got VSCode and imported the folder; the folder has a venv in it.

When I try to open the terminal in VSCode, it automatically detects and switches to the venv. However I cannot import any Python Package. The path I get for the venv is a strange one, probably based on the sandbox environment: /sysroot/home///venv/bin

However, with this I cannot use VSCode nicely - it cannot read packages, package info, documentation, etc. I also cannot run the program inside VSCode terminal (though on gnome-terminal outside of the sandbox it works fine within the venv).

How do I proceed?

So I should install a deb container and install VSCode and python/venv/etc all inside the toolbox?

Yes. Use debian-toolbox


Sorry for the confusion; but I could not enter the Debian toolbox. I have used debian-based before, so a Debian container would be optimal for me. After running all the commands, I got:

Error: invalid entry point PID of container debian-toolbox-latest

This happens both with the command with -c (as recommended in the tutorial) and without the -c (as instructed by toolbox when I created the container).

Any idea about this? I’m googling for some solutions; some of them involve setting time zones, etc (all set correctly for now)

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