We need new application that run/supports android apps like Bluestacks, NOX, and etc


We need new application that run/supports android apps like Bluestacks, NOX, and etc


You can use Android Studio that is available from the Endless Store


Does this app can? like playing CoC and etc…
Btw I can’t DL it, I retry it 3x pls help


What version of Endless OS are you using?
To check which version of Endless OS you are in Settings :arrow_right: Details


Currently, there are a few solutions to run Android Apps on Linux:

  1. Anbox; This currently seems the most mature solution and creates a LXC Container with a entire Android OS, which in turn can run almost all Android Applications - even has Playstore Access, so it’s a No-Brainer to get Applications into it. Unfortunately it’s currently only available as a Snap, not a Flatpak (as it relies on some Kernel Modules to be loaded; Not supported in Flatpaks)
  2. ARC Welder. This was a Chrome Extension with a complete Android Runtime inside, was used by Google to add support for Android Applications to Chrome OS. Does not work any longer as Google shifted to an integrated Android Runtime in the OS itself
  3. Android Emulator from Android Studio. Works, but: slow and not intuitive to use, mainly intended for application developers to test out their applications before submitting them to the Playstore
  4. Run Android-x86 in Gnome Boxes. In my opinion, currently your best bet on EOS. You get the entire OS with full Playstore Access, but have no integration with the Host (like sharing Files)

Eventually - and this would be the best option for the future - Endless decides at some point in the future to get in touch with the Anbox developers to support it right out of the box and eventually ship it with the core OS.


Its 3.5.8 (190408-101601)


Thank very much with your kind advice and suggestion.


Do I need to DL OS? Im newb


I would recommend you to first download one of:

Vanilla Android:

Desktop oriented Android:

And then install using the ISO Image - “Select a file” in GNOME Boxes.


How to install Androidx86 in gnome boxes step by step

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