What is the pefromance and overall experience on RPi4?

I see recently was added RPi4 build for download. I am about to configure “first pc” for my kids (5 and 7y) and 4GB RAM RPi4 seems as an cheap and re-usable option.

What is the performance and overall experience? Anything what does not work? Are the any limits to application on RPi – do you build the for ARM the same as for x86? (say at least about that 100 preinstalled apps?)

Can we have RPi4 dedicated tag for this forum?

The only problems I have is that the Pi won’t wake from suspend so I disabled suspend under the power settings. Also Shutdown and Reboot just freeze the screen though it appears safe to just shutdown and restart the system without any error at boot time.

One more thing It pays to get the best SD card you can.

thanks that was usefull

Is there a way to overclock the pi yet? or will there be? I love the design and it isn’t too terribly slow as it is, but I would like to try some overclocking for some of the sluggishness.

Thanks for a great os.

Welcome to Endless!

Our Raspberry 4 image is released as a preview. It does have known issues mentioned in this thread and a few more in the release notes.

All of the core OS functionality should be equal to our regular PC offering. App support is rather good, but there are a handful of omissions, such as the Terminal Two coding games not being available (because Unity does not run on ARM64 Linux). Also Skype, Chrome, Steam are not available as those proprietary software packages are not provided for ARM64 Linux by their vendors.

The biggest item to note is the lack of hardware acceleration, so you will observe that the interface feels sluggish compared to other OSes that you can run on RPi. But this does seem subjective and perhaps dependant on what you want to do with the device - while some think it is unusably slow, others think it is good enough as a starting point! Here is a recently produced community video that will give you some insight into the performance:

We will also be adding graphics acceleration as soon as support is fully implemented by the upstream Linux community, and there are some big steps being taken in that direction at the moment.

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Thanks for the feedback!
I don’t know if this will have any effect on Endless, but perhaps you can try and report back! On the FAT32 partition you can create a file named config.txt and put some overclocking options in there:

Also, I hear that RPi4 will quickly hit max temperature and throttle the CPU clock; be sure to run with a decent heatsink and fan for best performance!

Hi, this morning i got my PI model 4 with 4Gb running with EOS 3.7.8. I took no special effort being familiar with this stuff. Compared to a Dell E6420 desktop also running on EOS it is a bit slow on the PI. And indeed i have quite a big heatsink on the PI because its getting hot without it.

Cool, thanks for the feedback! We’re following some RPi community developments that will allow us to offer improved user interface responsiveness & graphics performance sometime soon.

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