WHo can help me i want to switch to windows

Hi guys I need help i want to switch to windows becouse i want to play roblox what should i do?
I tried to download Windows ISO but its saying Sorry you cant run Exe. Who can help me
What should i do to switch to windows What are the steps?

Unfortunately we can only support questions regarding Endless OS, please consult a windows board like MSFN on how to install Windows on a device. In general, your easiest bet is to create a USB installation media on another Windows device with the Microsoft provided tool and use this to boot your device.

I can help you install windows, but you’ll need a spare USB drive.
Step 1: download ventoy and the windows 10 ISO.
Step 2: unzip ventoy somewhere and use the terminal to open the VentoyWeb.sh, after that open the URL that will appear.
Step 3: in the page, select your USB drive and install ventoy on it. REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL LOSE ALL DATA ON IT!
Step 4: put the windows 10 ISO into the new ‘Ventoy’ partition that was created.
Step 5: Shutdown your pc and turn it on whilst pressing the boot menu key (if you dont know which one is, press random function keys until one works)
Step 6: In the boot menu, select your USB Drive and then on the ventoy menu select the windows ISO.
Step 7: from there, continue the windows installation.

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