Wi-Fi adapter or Internet connection?


Good morning @Daniel . This time I did everything in the right order.
eos-diagnostic-171109_054321_UTC 0300.txt (340,5 КБ)


Hi, @Daniel, @wjt.
Is there any information about my problem? I really want to upgrade to 3.3.2. (:


@Daniel has contacted Qualcomm about this problem.


Thanks, @wjt.
I’ll wait.


I think that no solution for my problem. ):


As I have noticed, version 3.3.4 has already been released. But my problem was inherited in to the new version.



Sorry for the slow repsonse here. We have a new idea and it would be great if you could explore it.

  1. Update to the latest version. Confirm that the bug exists still. Run cat /proc/interrupts in the terminal and post the results here.

  2. Follow these instructions while rebooting in order to access the GRUB menu:
    (I expect you will need to use Esc to access this menu - not shift)

  3. At the grub menu:

  • Press e on the first entry (Endless OS 3.3.x)
  • Use the up and down arrow keys to select the line that starts with linux
  • Use the right arrow key to move the cursor to the very end of the long line. Press space and then add the parameter: pci=nomsi
  • Press F10 to boot the system
  1. When booted, post to this thread (regardless of if wifi now works or continues to be problematic):
    a) eos-diagnostics output (must be run “fresh” now that you have entered this new configuration)
    b) cat /proc/interrupts output (again, from this new configuration)
    a) Your observations for if wifi works or not

Let us know if you need further help running any of these steps! Thanks


Thank you, @Daniel . I’ll try this method tonight, after work.


Hi. Result for cat /proc…bla-bla
interrupts_before.txt (2,9 КБ)
After update up to 3.3.4
UPD. WiFi doesn’t work


UPD2. eos-diagnostics report after cat /proc/bla-blaeos-diagnostic-171209_022203_UTC 0300.txt (616,9 КБ)


UPD3. cat /proc/interrupts report “Fresh” (:interrupts_after.txt (2,5 КБ)


UPD final. So, IMHO
After update and adding “pci=nomsi” - wifi is work. Until next normal reboot. I mean that all pages are loading in browser.
But i have a new problem - total freezes of all system. In video player, in online-player - even the graphic interface of the system works slow.
Also, my laptop is very hot. Much more hottest than before this procedure.
I hope that this info will elp you fix this bug.


Thanks! Yes, with this info we should now be able to work on a real fix.


Thanks again for helping us out with this. I’ve put a fix into testing internally, if all goes to plan we should release it in a bit less than a month from now.


Good news.
Thanks, @Daniel


Endless OS 3.3.6 is available as an online update and should solve this issue. Please let us know if it works!


It is wonderful! Tonight I will test.
Thanks, @Daniel


It’s alive! (;
Thanks @Daniel and all team members.

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