Wi-Fi adapter or Internet connection?

eos-diagnostic-171007_114850_UTC 0300.txt (615,1 КБ)
Hi, guyz.
After update up to 3.3.0 beta my network does not work.
I can not connect (via WiFi) to my home router, browsers can not download any page.
This is trouble. We use a home laptop as a media center, it is useless without an Internet connection.
Laptop: Acer Aspire V5-571PG.
I think the problem is with the Wifi adapter.

UPD. Perhaps, for this i need to create a new topic, but I’ll add information here for now. After upgrading, the OS sees my hard drive as 2.4 TB, but its real capacity is 500 GB.

UPD2. Summarizing my first experience as a beta tester, I can say a few words.

  1. The undoubted advantage is that after the OS upgrade, she finally saw the discrete video card in my laptop. Although the laptop then became a dozen degrees hotter. But it was because of the temperature of the laptop I began to look for a replacement for fucking Win10

  2. I thought that everything would be a little different: I will catch bugs, write bug-reports. But how can I do all this if I need to drive my two-year-old son away from the computer to write a post about the bug? And all because I can not write a post from the laptop on which the Endless OS is installed. Because there is no normal Internet connection.

Right now I doubt that I can continue to be a beta tester. Excuse me, guys, I did’t live up to your expectations.
My work and family prevent me from being an ideal beta tester. But I can not say that I suffer greatly because of this (:
In any case, I will try my best to help you improve the Endless OS. But now I have to roll back to version 3.2.6. I’m sorry, I wish you all the best.

Hi, @NofFyddink. Thank you for trying the beta release. We have not experienced the WiFi problem you reported on any of the hardware we have tested, and I’ve forwarded your report to our kernel/driver team to investigate. I hope we will have a fix before the production release of 3.3.0. And, we greatly appreciate hearing of problems like this from our beta testers before the version becomes more widely available.

The good news is that you can rollback to the OS version prior to the update via sudo eos-rollback. And, if you want to avoid getting the next beta release, you can run sudo eos-stage-ostree prod to get back to following production releases.

We have seen the problem with the control center reporting the wrong size of the hard drive, and will investigate that, too.

Yes, one of the features of 3.3.0 is preferring discrete graphics cards. I’ll pass along the feedback about the extra heat. I don’t know if that would be a common problem or somehow specific to the hardware that you have.


The battery is giving error 97% mark that is complete
eos-diagnostic-171009_123047_UTC-0300.txt (305,8 KB)

@NofFyddink I checked with our kernel team, and NVIDIA GPUs are known to be power-hungry in some cases, and there really is nothing we can do with the proprietary NVIDIA driver behavior. If the heating is excessive, we recommend you report the problem to NVIDIA, or you may go back to free drivers by running the following command and then reboot:

sudo sh -c "echo 'blacklist nvidia' > /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf"
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Thanks, @roddy.
I will definitely try this solution when I will re-install version 3.3 beta. That is, when there will be a solution to the problem with the network. (:

We obtained the same wifi module that you have in your laptop, but unfortunately we’re not able to reproduce the problem, and are a bit stuck as a result. It may be some kind of new incompatibility specific to your environment or wireless access point.

If you do have time/interest in helping us out further here, it would be useful if you could:

  1. Install the beta version agian
  2. As root in a terminal run: echo "file net/mac80211/* +p" > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control
  3. Attempt to connect to wifi
  4. Post new eos-diagnostics logs
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Thanks, @Daniel. I’ll definitely try it. But I can’t say for sure how quickly. The laptop is at home and my little son on this laptop is watching cartoons on YouTube. If I manage to find the time, I will do everything and send the report.

Hello, @Daniel.
eos-diagnostic-171106_184831_UTC 0300.txt (239,1 КБ)
eos-diagnostic-171106_174850_UTC 0300.txt (886,8 КБ)
My laptop has been updated again, now to a stable (I think so) version 3.3.2. The problem remains, the wireless adapter does not work correctly.
I rolled back to 3.2.7, did the diagnostics, then again updated, checked the work of Wi-Fi - does not work - and also did the diagnostics.
I am enclosing both reports.
Now I have to stay on version 3.2.7, only on it I have no problems with the wireless network.

Thanks for this. Did you definitely run this command before reproducing the problem on 3.3.2 and then capturing the logs?

It doesn’t work.

root@endless:/sysroot/home/user# echo “file net/mac80211/* +p” > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control
goes to:

bash: echo: ошибка записи: Недопустимый аргумент (write error: Invalid argument)

Please double check that you typed it exactly - it’s working fine here.

I just copied the text from your post and paste it into the terminal.

Can you double-check that the quote marks you’re entering into the terminal are straight quotes like this: " rather than curly-quotes, like this: “ ”?

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Ok, i’ll check it.
Tomorrow morning I’ll try again. If it works out, I’ll add a report.
Thanks, @Daniel

eos-diagnostic-171108_054229_UTC 0300.txt (352,6 КБ)

Yes, problem was in the symbols of the quotes.
Thanks for the help, @wjt. Sorry, in the previous post I mixed up the names and addressed the answer to Daniel. Just wrote an answer from the smartphone, I did not see who wrote post to me.
So, i attached report to previous post, @Daniel.

Thanks for this!
Unfortunately the log doesn’t tell us anything new. It could be that the debug messages I tried to enable are simply not effective here, but just in case, could you please confirm that this was your procedure in this order:

  1. Run as root echo "file net/mac80211/* +p" > /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control
  2. Connect to wifi and observe failure
  3. Capture diagnostic logs

Hello, @Daniel . Not quite in this order.

  1. Update up to 3.3.2.
  2. Attempt to connect.
  3. Running the command “echo …”
  4. Diagnostics.

After the update and reboot, the laptop automatically tries to connect to the wireless network. And, it connects. But the browser can’t load any pages, Youtube can’t play any video, etc.

However, the EndlessOS community page is loaded after a while. But even attaching a text file with a diagnostic report takes many times longer than usual and the post is published with a long delay.

That is, I can’t say that the network does not work at all.
It works, just not as good as I’d like.

In general, if the order of operations is important, then I will repeat them in the required sequence.

Yes, it’s important. If you don’t mind the hassle it would be great if you could try again in the described order. Perhaps switch wifi off before you run the echo command.

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Ok, no problem, @Daniel. At me these manipulations takes a maximum of 20 minutes. The only problem: I can do this only in the early morning, before i’m going at work. During the day I’m at work. An evening, before going to bed, my son is watching a cartoons on this laptop. (:
Therefore time between my posts with reports are about a day.