Will a ASUS GeForce® GT 710 work right away on Endless?

Hi. I’m fairly new to Endless. Have taken a look from time to time. Am now making the move, copying all my files over. I like it and the printer worked right away. The onboard graphics work no problem but I want dual screens. My previous graphics card did not work well. It caused the system to hang real bad at random times, and if the system went into standby the graphics went to garbage. That was a GeForce 9500GT. Well if you have any advice about that card I will take it in but the experience was so bad I don’t really wanna go back there.

So I’m interested in this ASUS GeForce® GT 710 as it’s fanless. Anyone using it or got any advice? The graphic engine is NVIDIA® GeForce GT 710.

No one has an answer for this?

I would recommend an AMD card instead of NVIDIA. The drivers for NVIDIA cards are distributed as binary only, and generally aren’t as compatible with different components of a Linux operating system (different kernel versions, Wayland, etc). Open source AMD drivers are generally much better supported.

Having said this, if all you need is another monitor, perhaps check if your integrated graphics supports DisplayPort daisy chaining.

Or if it doesn’t and you don’t expect to game on your 2nd display, perhaps a USB DisplayLink thing would be cheaper than a GPU.

Thanks for your advice. I had never heard of display port daisy chaining before now. I will research it.