Will a image from endless-image-builder continue to update?

More or less as title. Will my custom image continue to receive updates as is or am I supposed to run the steps as detailed in https://support.endlessos.org/en/dev/switch-master

Result of 6.1 image

Nice to hear you have been successfully image building!

I presume you have built a master image there (i.e. using a mostly default build configuration, using the master branch of eos-image-builder, and not specifying which OS branch to build from).

Your installation will track our master development branch and will automatically update - probably by the time you read this there will be an OS update offered.

We occasionally cause breakage on master as that’s where we experiment with big updates etc. If you want a more stable experience, with the current stable version as 5.1.x you should do 3 things:

  1. Use the eos5.1 branch of eos-image-builder
  2. Use --use-production-ostree to base your image on the released version (rather than nightly test build)
  3. Specify the eos5.1 branch in the command line invocation.

https://support.endlessos.org/en/deployment/image-builder#branch has an example.

Installations resulting from this image will update to new versions of Endless OS, including EOS-6.0.0 when it is released soon. And when that release is made you can then use eos6.0 instead of eos5.1 in the above commands, in order to build new images that start with the EOS-6.0 base.

Oh multiple updates. Every night. Guess picked a bad time to bake an iso. Will wait for that 6.0 to move to stable and build against that. It is a bit strange that the base edition does not come with a email client. Evolution is horrible, don’t use it.

Need the gnome energy profile from 6.0 toggle since that keep my laptop more away from a charger. There is a 40% time gain putting it to energy saver.
eos 5.1 16 hours on a charge
eos 6.0 on energy saver profile about 20 hours.

Not wrong numbers I’m dual wielding a 22wh and the external 68wh+ big chungus battery.