Windows 10 alongside endless


Hi, i’d like to install windows 10 (i will need this for school) on my Asus vivobook. I want to do this without unistall endelss os, i want to be able to use both of them. I created a usb stick with the installation files for windows 10. I works but when i reach the page where i’m supposed to choose where i want to install windows a message says that it’s impossible because windows needs to be installed on a NTFS partition. The pic is not in english but it’s for show you where i am
Can someone help me ? Sorry for spelling mistakes


We can not help you
We only support Endless OS


Unfortunately we only support installing Endless alongside Windows where Windows is the first OS.

So I think you have 2 options here:

  1. Back up all your data. Install Windows 10, erasing all data on the disk. Go to and download the Endless installer, and then install Endless again that way. or:
  2. Use Boxes (available in the app center) to install and run Windows 10 inside Endless as a virtual machine

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