Windows-like user switching?

Hi to all!
Is there – or will there be – an option to switch user like in Windows?
When we lock computer by Win+L in Windows we can then switch user – not having to log out current.
When we lock computer by Win+L in Endless we cannot switch user, – can we? – just enter password to unlock.
This means that on Windows I can have two accounts, working and personal, and have running programs in both accounts at the same time. If, for instance, I wish to answer a personal letter in my personal account, I switch to my personal account and answer and then switch back to my working account.
As far as I can see, on Endless in the same situation I would have to log out from working account (having to finish all working processes), to log in to personal account, to answer a letter, to log out from personal account and then to log in to working account (having to start again all previously finished working processes).
Is there any Linux-related features that makes my wish impossible?

Regards, L.B.

Eventually this could be a bug in EOS Gnome 3.38. The instructions which were valid in the 3.8 series (Gnome 3.36) no longer work, even if they should still be valid in 3.38.


Workaround until Bug gets fixed

  1. Open a Terminal and make yourself root
sudo bash
  1. Then execute the following (just copy/paste the whole bunch into the Terminal)
mkdir -p /usr/local/bin /usr/local/share/applications
cat << EOF | sudo tee /usr/local/bin/
# lock the current screen session
loginctl lock-session

# tell gdm to switch session
gdbus call \
	--system \
	--object-path /org/gnome/DisplayManager/LocalDisplayFactory \
	--dest org.gnome.DisplayManager \
	--method org.gnome.DisplayManager.LocalDisplayFactory.CreateTransientDisplay \
	2>/dev/null 1>&2

cat << EOF | sudo tee /usr/local/share/applications/switch.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Switch User Session

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/
chmod +x /usr/local/share/applications/switch.desktop
gio set /usr/local/share/applications/switch.desktop metadata::trusted yes
  1. Reboot

Now you fill find a new Entry in the applications list for every user:
When activated, it locks the current session and puts you on the GDM Login Screen where you can log in with another user. If you want to switch back, either log out or run the Switch User Session Application again.

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