Working with the Endless Key in Windows

Working with the Endless Key in Windows

Open the Endless Key in Windows

  1. Insert the Endless Key into a USB 3.0 port (See How to identify USB 3.0 ports).

  2. In the Windows File Explorer, open the Endless Key USB drive. NOTE: Don’t copy files from the Endless Key to your hard drive - it is best to access them from the Endless Key.

  3. Open the Endless Launcher and accept the Windows User Account Control prompt to confirm that the Endless Key can make changes to your hard drive.

  4. Choose whether you want to:

    • Open Encyclopedia
    • Explore Content
    • Restart and Try Endless OS

Search for content in the Encyclopedia

  1. Open the Endless Launcher app and press Open Encyclopedia.
  2. Use the Search Bar at the top to find Wikipedia articles.

Restarting in Endless OS on Windows computers

The Endless Key allows you to experience Endless OS without installing Endless OS on your personal computer. When running Endless OS from the Endless Key you can access and even install programs, create documents, make music and pictures, and do anything you would normally do on a computer. If you decide to swap back to your original operating system, your files are saved on the Endless Key, ready for you to use again. You can even use your Endless Key on multiple different computers, with all your applications and files at your fingertips.

To restart the computer using Endless OS

  1. In the Endless Launcher, press Restart and Try Endless OS
  2. The computer will restart in Endless OS.
  3. Follow the prompts onscreen to set up Endless OS the first time, for example, creating user accounts, choosing your location, time zone, and so on.
  4. In the Endless OS Desktop, you can launch apps or explore more apps by clicking More Apps or the App Center in the lower left corner. TIP: Even without internet access you can access a wide variety of programs and educational content offline.

To save documents to reuse on this computer

Press Save and the file will be stored in the Documents directory on the Endless Key USB.

To save documents to access on other computers (when not in Endless OS)

Documents saved from programs after restarting in Endless OS are not typically accessible from other operating systems. To access files on other computers, save the files on a second USB drive.

Important: Don’t remove the Endless Key while you’re using Endless OS.

What can I do in Endless OS, even without internet access?

  • Write an essay, notes, or other text
    • Open LibreOffice Writer by clicking the icon on the desktop.
  • Find information and tools on my computer
    • Use the Search Bar above the icons to find anything on your computer. Endless OS pre-installs lots of great educational tools and other programs!
  • Create 2D art, 3D art, and music
    • Explore GIMP, Inkscape and Krita to create raster or vector drawings or create beautiful digital paintings.
    • Use Blender, the cutting-edge, open-source 3d modeling suite!
    • Check out LMMS or Audacity and unleash your inner music producer!
  • Programming and your Endless OS System
    • Dive into Hack and learn coding, how your Endless OS system works, and how to control the world of computers!
  • Take a break and play some games
    • Hack also offers a set of fun-first coding games, to play and learn at the same time.

What can I do with an internet connection?

  • Visit websites, read email or watch videos: Open the Chromium web browser by clicking the Internet icon on the desktop.
  • Video conference with teachers, family and friends or teachers: Install Zoom and Skype from the App Center (see below).
  • Install more programs: Launch the App Center from the “More Apps” icon on the desktop, then browse or search for the program you want. You can also browse the almost 1,000 Endless OS-compatible apps at