World Ethical Data Forum

Hi folks, at Endless OS Foundation one of our biggest goals is helping people to access personal computing and owning their own device. As well as simply helping getting people access to the digital world, we also care about how it’s done - that people can trust the software they are using and the motivations of the people who brought it to them - and understand what it encourages you to see, and does and doesn’t let you access.

Wherever possible, we’re committed to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for this reason - for the transparency and accountability that users gain from knowing that they, and others, can see what software is running on their devices. This is why Endless OS is built with FOSS and as a non-profit, we’re committed to releasing more of what we do as fully free and open source to be used and developed however you wish.

As I am also the President of the GNOME Foundation, I gave a presentation about Access to Freedom at the GNOME Asia conference last year. Unfortunately the video seems not to be available but the slides are online.

Following on from this, I am participating in a panel discussion about Open Source & Freedom in the Digital Age at the upcoming World Ethical Data Forum on the 17th - 19th March.

For those in the Endless community interested in attending this event, they have extended an offer of a 20% discount to members of the community interested in ethical data discussions and attending the event.

For those with an important perspective or stake in the data debate, who are otherwise not able to attend for financial reasons, they have a Special Admission program for applications to take part without purchasing a ticket.

CEO, Endless OS Foundation


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