World Of Warcraft

We need to add wow that game is legendary and its a shame thats it doesnt have a flatpak version

World of Warcraft works through Lutris. See the following thread on how to add Lutris:

Are you sure>?> Wow is not for all people, WOW is for wow people.

Oh, World of Warcraft was the second game I started to play on pc. My first game was Super Mario. I think nowadays World of Warcraft is not for everyone because I abandoned this game around nine years ago and six days ago I decided to come back to the game. I bought the key to the game on and started a new game. I was shocked by how many updates there were while I was absent. Nowadays it is very hard to understand the lore or how to play correctly World of Warcraft if you are a novice. That is why I said WOW is not for everyone but WOW players.

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