WOW desktop install


Install Endless on a WOW desktop purchased from AARP. Has anyone done it. It would be the 15gig Endless


WOW is a computer endorsed by AARP. It is designed for seniors (rich seniors as it is rather expensive). It is an all in one system with a nice screen, which is touch enabled. I have no clue what it OS it runs. It appears to be some variant of Android, but could be anything.

Good luck sorting out an endless os install. I suspect it would make a very nice Endless system, but I also believe it would be a challenging task to do so.



It’s a linux variant.


I had seen adds for WOW, you could say I am AARP enabled. I went online to take a quick look. I did not see any specs for the computer, but did find that the OS is based on Tiny Core Linux.


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