Additional help for EndlessOS

Where to look for additional help?

Due to EndlessOS ’ different approach to get the system bullet proof, it uses flatpak instead of apt. Apt install is disabled.

It seems to me, it’s very quiet in the community forum.

So Debian or Ubuntu will be the wrong place to ask specific questions.

Is Gnome and flat hub for example a good addition, if one cannot have help here?

I’m asking, because I suggested a friend of mine who works with elderly people and emigrants, to mass deploy EndlessOS onto older notebooks, that he offers his “clients” for free. But he is completely new to Linux or unices and only uses Windows and Android for some extent.

He was a teacher in IT for his students that visited his class as a project to make them fit for the labour market. They were without a job and with less chance to get one.

He now is retired an do that courses to help people get on the net and get basic computing skills.

He should have the opportunity to get help, if he (or his audience) got issues with EndlessOS.

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