feedback & ideas This category is meant to help us make Endless better by bringing up ideas on how to reach more people and make it easier to use. contribute Endless will only truly succeed with your help. Besides giving us feedback on how to improve it, we also need help building it! This means not only developing apps, but also helping to translate it into new languages, and spreading the word to friends and family. apps Endless OS comes with a wide range of apps that come preloaded, or that you can download from the App Center if you have an internet connection. There are apps for productivity, entertainment, education, and much more. releases This is where you'll find news about Endless OS releases that have come out or that we are planning. install You've come to the right place. For help using Endless after you have installed it, please go to the #en:help section. community Welcome to the Endless community! This is a great place to start learning about Endless, connect with the developer and fellow users, get help, and share your stories. forum Find and add tips about how to use this community forum. help If you are looking for help installing Endless, please go to the #en:install category. If you've already installed Endless and are looking for help using it, you're in the right place. tutorials If you've found or created ways to help others use Endless OS, please share them!
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