Release | Endless OS 6.0.0 (and 5.1.3)

Endless OS 6 has just been released! Endless OS 6 comes as a free upgrade to Endless OS, focusing on three core areas:

  1. Refined user experience
  2. Building skills by making games
  3. Under-the-hood improvements

Check out the release notes for the full details of what’s new.

For fresh installations of Endless OS 6, download the Endless Installer for Windows, an ISO disk image, or a virtual machine image from our website.

Devices running Endless OS 5 or earlier will first upgrade to Endless OS 5.1.3, which has also just been released, and then to Endless OS 6.0.0. Both updates will be applied automatically (unless you have disabled automatic updates) over the coming weeks.

A small number of devices that were supported by Endless OS 5 are no longer supported by Endless OS 6 and cannot be upgraded from 5.1.3. In some cases, advanced users can change a configuration setting in the affected device’s BIOS to enable the upgrade. See the release notes for full details.

I updated my desktop to Endless OS 6 and it went smoothly and quickly, thank you for the update.

I also downloaded the installer. I was hoping to install Endless OS on my 2010 17" MacBook Pro. It is currently running Debian Bookworm and I assumed it would likely run Endless OS 6. That was not the case. The machine simply hangs upon selecting the Endless OS USB installer I created.

@wove thank you for the report!

It’s perhaps a little surprising that Bookworm boots on your MacBook Pro while our installer does not, but even Intel Macs need special care and feeding to boot Linux; our bootloaders are configured differently to Bookworm’s; and we use a different build & version of the kernel. As noted on our hardware support page:

Apple hardware […] not officially supported by Endless OS; depending on the exact model of Mac, Endless OS might work, but this is not tested

Thanks! For helping others

Thanks for your response. This laptop is getting so old it is about time to teach it to drive.:slight_smile: Apple dropped support for it many years ago and until about two years ago Linux would not run on it either, but that has changed. Just about all Linux distros will run on it. Debian 11 did not run on it, but Debian 12 runs just fine.

I have tried to compare Debian’s booting to Endless’, but it is way above my pay grade. Debian is very very slow to boot, both from an installer USB and from the SSD after it is installed. I did let the Endless installer stay in a hung state for an hour just to see if it would come to life, but no luck.

Is there a way to set the boot loader (grub?) to verbose, just to see what if anything is happening?

Overall Debian Bookworm with the Gnome UI is not very different from Endless from a user perspective, however it is missing some of the nice applications that come with Endless.

If you hold Shift or hit Escape at just the right moment (see this page) you may be able to get to the GRUB menu for the installer you’re trying to boot. You could remove quiet and splash from the linuxefi line and see if you can get any more information.

Actually there is no technical barrier to configuring the Endless OS Flatpak remotes on a Debian Bookworm system and installing those apps. (Flathub has documentation on how to configure its remote but I don’t think we have that for eos-apps etc.) You could also build & install eos-desktop-extension locally and it should work on Bookworm’s gnome-shell if you prefer the Endless look-and-feel.

successful installation with pinebook pro

By following the procedure, I was able to install my pinebook pro from version 5.1 to version 6.0.0 very easily.
Many thanks to the Endless team

Thank you for this beautiful version 6

I’m currently checking for power management problems.
In version 5.1, in “sleep” mode, the pinebook pro continued to consume energy “as in normal mode” and therefore quickly drained the battery.
The only solution was to “power off” the machine.

It seems that this problem has not been solved, so I’ll create a topic about it.

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Impressed by the speed of 6.0. Also dark theme, thanks. I can now retreat from joy forever

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