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Hey @nuritzi and @vicki,

I am interested to join this community by making contribution.

But I could not get proper link to join here.

About myself, I am open Source evangelist, contributing in Mozilla, Fedora, Libre Office, DuckDuckGO, Vlc etc.

Let me know.


Hi @biraj, Can you try joining our Slack at https://endless-community.signup.team/ and join the #newcomers channel? Turns out we hadn’t enabled automatic invitations for our Slack channels, but we just did, so you should now be able to join!


Thanks for all. I’m very happy for to be community member now.



Is it possible to have your nice background image??? …Raoul


Hello. Please correct the word above “en” to “em” in Portuguese. Correct phrase should be: “Fala português? Visite nosso grupo em Português.” Thank you. :slight_smile:


Feito! Obrigado para a correção.


pochemu ya ne mogy postavit russkii yazik???


Is it possible to install Packet Tracer?

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