Moving home to its own partition?

Is there a chance to move the home partition to a specific partition or is this not supported by EndlessOS?

Regards, Bernhard

There’s no automatic way to do it but you could probably make it work.

First you’d need to repartition the disk to have a separate partition for home directories. Then you would edit /etc/fstab and arrange for it to be mounted at /sysroot/home.

I’m curious why you would like it to live on a separate partition?

I personally prefer a separation of system and my own userdata (e.g. for backup and/or reinstallation), although I also have to admit that most of the contents of ~user/.local are not really user content. Currently (see Strange misbehavior of selection in gnome applications and the linked thread in that post App Center Issues) my normal user seems to be corrupt, but I dare to reinstall EndlessOS since I fear losing some of my configurations/data. I am currently using in general a user test, but execute some applications (e.g Thunderbird, DistroBox/podman) with sudo su - bernhard …
I have no clear idea, where and how ThunderBird and podman store their data.

Regards and thanks for the guidance, Bernhard

Podman stores its information in ~/.local/share/containers (and ~/.cache/containers).

Thunderbird, in ~/.var/app/org.mozilla.Thunderbird.

Unfortunately if you put your home directory on a different physical drive, you still won’t be able to easily reinstall Endless OS without losing your data – the Endless OS installer simply erases all partitions on the disk. And I would expect that your user configuration is at fault, not the system, so I wouldn’t expect reinstalling to help.

If you create a new user account, does it have the same problems as your current user account?

no. I thought, I made that point already. A new account does not show this problematic behaviour. But I still have no idea how to track down the problems on my original account. In some ways it is similar obscure as the problems James Martinez is reporting.

oops, thanks for the warning