App Center error: failed to read permissions

I start App Center and try to get updates. On the Installed tab I see nothing. On the Updates tab I see the following error:
failed to read permissions from app 'system/flatpak/flathub/com.hack_computer.Clubhouse.Locale/stable' metadata: Key file does not have group “Application”
and nothing more.
So I can’t get any updates.

Thanx in advance
eos-diagnostic-230620_175654_UTC 0300.txt (1011.2 KB)

Can you please open ‘Terminal’ and run

flatpak repair

This will scan all installed applications and reinstall any files which may be missing for whatever reason. Then, execute the following command to fully update all applications with their respective latest version:

flatpak update --appstream -y; flatpak update -y

Please keep us informed how things went.

Thanx. Now it have worked. Apps got updated.
But now I get the App Center Issues issue.

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