Applications and drivers not available - no use - no work

Endless OS does not support certain models of printers and scanners. So I cannot use my gear. Also I cannot find any CAD for electrical/plumping etc, but many available for other OS. I cannot work.
I am very frustrated and looking to replace it with a new laptop with NON Endless OS.
Endless OS has very few applications available and does not allow to install other debian/linux modules.
What is the purpose of an open source OS in a closed circle of applications? Does not make sense.
I think this project has lost the plot.

Thanks for giving Endless OS a try anyway, sad to hear that it doesn’t meet your needs.
We would appreciate knowing what specific apps you found unavailable & which printer/scanner you were not able to use.
Our available apps come from the wider Flathub community.

We have been through this several times in the past, questions, logs etc…all this wasted time for nothing. Not for nothing, to help endless OS become better, what an ambition in life, I am thrilled…
No need to reinvent the wheel, Linux was there long time ago, it was working fine and still does, what is the point to make a OS that does not work? Waste of time, recourses, energy…