Beta Release | Endless OS 3.6.0~beta2


I’ve published a second beta release of Endless OS 3.6.0. Please follow these instructions if you want to join the beta testing program; bear in mind that the chance of encountering serious bugs is higher than in a regular stable release. As always, ensure your data is backed up!

Except where otherwise noted, all release notes for 3.6.0~beta1 still apply.

Improvements and Changes

  • Reduced boot flicker on Intel graphics. If your PC uses Intel graphics, the boot process will appear a little smoother than before, with fewer momentary flashes to black screens.
  • Updated Wacom graphics tablet support. Advanced features and configuration of the latest Wacom graphics tablets should now be possible. (Graphics tablets are input devices that allow the user to draw graphics with a pen-like stylus.)
  • Desktop accessible after closing and opening laptop. In past releases, with no applications open, closing the laptop lid, opening the lid again, and unlocking the screen would leave the desktop icons faded out and unusable until you click “Show Desktop” or interact with some other part of the UI. This has been fixed.
  • Endless Mini support. 3.6.0~beta1 was not released for Endless Mini computers due to a known graphics performance issue. This beta release fixes that issue, and is available for Endless Mini computers as well as x86_64 (Intel/AMD) computers.

Known Issues

  • Right-clicking the desktop and clicking Add App does nothing. You can add apps to the desktop by opening the App Center, browsing to the app, and clicking Add to Desktop.

Release | Endless OS 3.6.0
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