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Dual booting on a Windows computer

One of the easiest ways to try Endless OS is by installing it on your computer alongside your current operating system. This will give you the option, at start up, of which operating system you want to use. It will not make any changes to your existing Windows environment or files, but it will give Endless OS the ability to use your hardware directly and save files and changes there between reboots.

To install Endless OS beta in a dual boot with Windows, first follow these instructions for installing the stable release on a Windows computer, then follow the section below called Current Endless OS users to update that to the beta release.

Installing in a Virtual Machine

If you are not currently running Endless OS on your machine, and you don’t want to install it permanently, a good alternative is to run it inside of a virtual machine. While testing the beta release this way is somewhat less useful, since you can’t test compatibility with your actual hardware, it will still allow you to try the new features and software fixes coming in the next release.

To run Endless OS beta in a virtual machine, first follow these instructions for installing the stable release in a virtual machine, then follow the section below called Current Endless OS users to update that virtual machine to the beta release.

From a Live USB

You won’t be able to test the beta version of Endless OS from a live USB environment. Because the testing process requires changing the target for updates and then rebooting after applying those update, you will need to have Endless OS installed in order to participate in the beta testing.

Please see the above sections for alternative ways of running Endless OS. If you are already running Endless OS on your computer and don’t mind upgrading it to the beta version, you can continue on to the Current Endless OS users section.

Current Endless OS users

In order to switch to the beta version of Endless OS, you will need to change where your system gets update from. To do this you will need to open the Terminal program, which you can find by searching for “terminal” on the apps screen.

First, to ensure that your system is fully up to date with the latest stable release, you will want to run sudo eos-updater-ctl update and when it is finished reboot your computer.

Next, to switch your system to the beta release, open the Terminal again and run sudo eos-stage-ostree demo. The demo stage is where the beta version of Endless OS comes together before release. After this command runs, your computer will proceed to download the latest beta release (if there is one available). You can monitor the update progress via the App Center, and when ready, you will be asked to reboot your computer. When you log back in you will be running the beta release.

Converting back to stable releases

Going back to a stable releases of Endless OS is as easy as switching to the beta. All you need to do is run sudo eos-stage-ostree prod to re-point your installation to the stable release updates. However you will continue to have the beta versions installed until the next stable release comes out, at which point you will remain on that stable version.

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