Release | Endless OS 3.6.1


Endless OS 3.6.1 is out, it was released to the public yesterday (July 9th, 2019). This version is identical to 3.6.1~beta2.

If you are running a beta version of Endless OS and want to switch back to stable releases please follow the instructions here.

Below is a list of changes since 3.6.0.

Smoother boot process on new installations

On new installations, the bootloaders have been updated to reduce flickering.

“Toolbox” command for Linux development

Building on the container support added in 3.6.0, Endless OS now includes toolbox, which can be used to manage containers for development and debugging. We also include a ‘docker’ command as an alias for ‘podman’, allowing more existing tools and scripts which expect to use Docker to work on Endless OS.

Updated Settings and Calculator apps

These built-in apps have been updated to the versions from GNOME 3.32. Among other enhancements, Settings can now manage Thunderbolt devices (if your computer has Thunderbolt hardware), has a new panel showing resources and permissions for applications on your system, and offers more options for the Night Light feature.

Updated hardware support

A number of hardware-specific issues have been resolved.

  • Fixes for HDMI audio after suspend and resume. On products such as Asus E406MA, HDMI audio sometimes stopped working after suspending and resuming the computer. These cases have been resolved.
  • Touchpad motion is now smooth and precise on Asus products with ELAN touchpads. Previously, some users would experience random cursor jumps on a small number of affected products.
  • Realtek 8821CE WiFi connections are restored after system sleep. An issue introduced in the previous release was causing this to not work correctly.

Other Improvements and Changes

  • Highlighted text in the desktop search box is legible. In 3.6.0, entering text into the desktop search box then highlighting it would cause it to be displayed in an unergonomic white-on-white font.
  • Favourites not repeated in Exploration Center. Previously, the Favorites tab in the Exploration Center page in the browser would show your favourites multiple times if you select it repeatedly. This has been resolved.
  • Scratch and BillardGL moved to Flathub. These apps were previously published through Endless’s own app repository, but they are now maintained on Flathub. In the case of Scratch, the Flathub version is much newer and brings many improvements. If you have the version from Endless’s repository installed, it will be updated to the Flathub version.
  • Unused files removed from system image. A few unused files have been removed from the system image, saving around 150 MB of disk space.
  • File previews now open more reliably. In the Documents file manager on x86_64 systems, you can press Space to open a quick preview of the currently-selected document. In 3.6.0, this would sometimes fail to open; this has now been resolved.
  • Right-clicking the desktop and picking Add App opens the App Center. This was broken in 3.6.0.
  • Chromium 75. The built-in web browser has been updated to version 75.0.3770.100.
  • More reliable dual-boot (un)installation. The Endless Installer for Windows no longer requests write access to the raw disk while installing on UEFI systems. This is expected to fix an issue where some users could not install Endless.

Known Issues

  • Firefox cannot be installed. If you do not already have Firefox installed from the App Center, trying to install it will give an error reading, in part, “Corrupted file object”. We are working on resolving this issue and updating the version of Firefox available in the app center. In the meantime, you can work around this issue by opening a Terminal window and run:

    pkexec flatpak install eos-apps org.mozilla.Firefox

Install Firefox
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