Beta Release | Endless OS 3.6.2~beta1

I published the first beta release of Endless OS 3.6.2 yesterday. Please follow these instructions if you want to join the beta testing program; bear in mind that the chance of encountering serious bugs is higher than in a regular stable release. As always, please ensure your data is backed up!

Updated hardware support

A number of hardware-specific issues have been resolved.

  • Realtek RTL8822BE WiFi devices were switched to the new rtw88 driver which no longer causes crash under low memory conditions.
  • Realtek RTL8723BU WiFi devices should now more reliably connect to wireless networks.
  • When suspending the system, some platforms using AMD and Nvidia graphics will observe reduced display flicker in this new version.

Updated “toolbox”

The toolbox command-line tool – used to manage containers for development – has been updated to version 0.0.11. Among other enhancements, this version includes a fix to an issue with line wrapping of commands typed at an interactive prompt. Containers created with previous versions of the tool may still experience this issue; the recommended solution is to recreate the affected containers.

Other Improvements and Changes

  • World clock crash fix. Due to changes in the database used by the World Clocks feature, upgrading to Endless OS 3.6.0 or 3.6.1 could cause your desktop to crash immediately when you log into the system if you had certain clocks configured. This has been resolved. If you are in this situation, the workaround is to use the shared account, or follow these instructions to remove the problematic world-clocks setting.
  • The screen reader now works. It can be enabled in SettingsUniversal Access.
  • Videos crash fix. On devices with hardware-accelerated VP9 decoding, seeking in WebM video no longer crashes Videos.
  • Taskbar icon bug fixes. The active window indicator now reliably tracks the running application. It is no longer possible to crash the desktop by pinning and unpinning icons to the taskbar.
  • License viewer loads correctly. The list of licenses for system software – accessible on Endless systems at or via a link in the terms of service – now loads correctly once again.

Congratulations to this (beta) release!

Especially the toolbox technology implemented is absolutely fabulous. No longer running a Windows VM inside Boxes, fiddling around with WinePak or keeping additional hardware with Windows when you simply can run the latest Wine within the Fedora container.


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