Boot problems - HP STREAM 13

Hello Community,

I recently decided swipe an old HP Stream 13 (pink one :slight_smile: ) with Windows 8.1 where updates could not take place due to small hard drive.

So I installed Endless OS iso image (stick) and choose to erase Windows. Once the installation was done, I updated Enless OS to the 4.0.6 version.


1- Boot very long: compared to windows setup, the boot take several minutes. I believe it could be something related to BIOS settings (HP logo is very long to show)

2- When BIOS seems to be loaded, Enless image is shown and usually see a kind of diagnose screen (crash ?). I need shutdown and reboot

Is there any BIOS settings to be done ?
Is there any cleaning to be operated after the update ?

Thanks for your help,

Attached the diagnostic file
eos-diagnostic-220523_113856_UTC 0200.txt (478,4 Ko)

Hello Community,

I tried to repair the OS with the help of USB Boot key (

No luck, the OS is still:

1 - Failing to start ==> Screen with following text (last line):
[ OK ] Started “Setup the Fallback Framebuffer”

2 - Takes several minutes to start (If successful to start, at least very 5 or more restart)

See this from diagnostic :

= Boot timing =

Startup finished in 2.391s (firmware) + 2min 59.173s (loader) + 8.510s (kernel) + 3.667s (initrd) + 18.439s (userspace) = 3min 32.181s reached after 18.386s in userspace

Any idea ?


Now I know the boot can be looooooong every time I start my notebook, it seems to help in solving the failures I had previously… (or maybe due to the disk repair process I made ?).

However, the loading time still takes several minutes, exactly as this post from @ Jean-Francois_Bourde:

Can anyone help ?

PS : here is a link to “dmesg” report on paste bin:

Thanks :wink:

Could anyone from Endless Team give me a hint ? :innocent:

Main problem : 3 min boot time @every start of my laptop.


Interestingly, your system took almost 3 minutes to boot…

Startup finished in 2.391s (firmware) + 2min 59.173s (loader) + 8.510s (kernel) + 3.667s (initrd) + 18.439s (userspace) = 3min 32.181s reached after 18.386s in userspace

Analyze the boot times with:

systemd-analyze plot > ~/plot-svg.txt

And upload the generated file here.

/edit: There was a similar issue a few years ago with almost the same kind of hardware, but with no solution back then. Eventually we can work one out here :slight_smile:

Hi Egrath,

First, thank you for your answer and help. As you wrote, I’ve already read the HP Stream Topic you mentionned. There was no solution in the thread :anguished:

For information, I’ve disabled “secure boot” in the BIOS and it did not change anything.

PS : I cannot upload the file even with the .txt extension.

Here is a link to download it :

Can you please check the following:

  1. Provide the output of: efibootmgr
  2. Check the Firmware configured boot order to make sure that the Endless OS entry is booted first without trying to boot from any other device (usb, cdrom, …) first.

In the plot provided we can see that the loader is taking most time. This is the time after the firmware has finished initializing and performing a boot and the loader has loaded the kernel and initrd. Normally, this should be relatively fast (a few seconds), but can be substantially longer when the firmware tries to boot other non available devices / boot entries first.

Hello Egrath,

Here after is the content of the efibootmgr command:

BootCurrent: 0001
Timeout: 0 seconds
BootOrder: 0001,3001,0000,2001,2002,2004
Boot0000 EFI Hard Drive (HBG4e)*
Boot0001 Endless OS*
Boot2001 EFI USB Device*
Boot3001 Internal Hard Disk or Solid State Disk*

As far as i see this seems fine, but there may be some quirks in the UEFI implementation which leads to this issue.

Can you please mount the EFI partition and list it’s content:

sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /boot/efi

Then, run the following commands which produce some infos and store them in a text file. Please upload this file:

efibootmgr --verbose 2>&1 > ~/bootenv.txt
find /boot/efi 2>&1 >> ~/bootenv.txt

Can you also report the state of SecureBoot of your system and check if it makes a difference wheter it’s enabled or disabled.

Hello Egrath,

A bit late on your last answer. Following your commands, please find attached the bootenv.txt

Concerning the “secure boot” status, I’ve disabled it but did not change anything.bootenv.txt (724 Octets)

Interesting, seems all very unspectacular. Just out of curiosity, can you please try to boot a current Endless OS Live USB - does it take also that long or is that faster?

Hi Egrath,

Good idea you had, the loader took 22 seconds to load. See file attached:
USB_Boot.txt (229 Octets)

Before doing any further intrusive changes, do you know if your system can boot an arbitrary boot loader? My HP devices let me select any EFI executable when pressing F9 while the HP logo is display - if your’s allows that too, can you please try to run the following executable:


This is the second stage bootloader which normally gets loaded by \EFI\endless\shimx64.efi, which is needed cause of SecureBoot. I suspect the issue somewhere along this line.

Can you please report if it’s possible and if it does make a difference.

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