Brother bought a Printer/Scanner


I put my brothers computer on Endless recently and all was good until his printer died. He purchased himself a new printer Canon Pixma TS8260. We managed to find a cups driver and it prints ok but I cannot get Simple Scan to find it as a scanner. Any suggestions? Running Endless 3.7.2



VueScan is available on the App Center

Just a sidenote: VueScan seems to support your Scanner (, but as long as you don’t buy the professional version, there’s a watermark stamped on every scan.

Thanks. Vuescan does not appear in the app centre for me. It is on the flatpack hub and I can download the reference file but it doesn’t install. Error is unable to install viewscan. Wrong size for extra data

Also the watermark is an issue and the reviews for Vuescan are harsh to say the least.

Is it possible to flatpak the actuall canon app ?

For future reference, I have found that HP has really the best Linux support. They are on all major three OSs-Windows, Mac and Linux. I bought a monochrome laser Brother printer last year that works well with Debian based distro‘s also.

So Olaf and Louis from the Sane project have been most helpful. Is someone able to tell me what backend version is running in the Endless version of Document Scanner? See comment below.

Louis Lagendijk commented:

So the product ID is 04a9:1859 which should be supported by sane version 1.0.28 as a TS8200 Series. Please try to find a package that provides 1.0.28 and your scanner should work

Many thanks for taking the initiative to follow up with SANE developers!
Endless OS is based on Debian and unfortunately it does seem that Debian (which is a community-run project) is a bit behind on packaging this new version.
I have filed an explicit request for the package update based on your feedback. Let’s see if that helps.

Thanks Daniel,

Much appreciated.

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