Can't roll back after 3.8.0 upgrade

Hey! Thanks for this! I have some other issue. My laptop with the endless 3.8.0 keep freezing and the only way to go on using is restart it with the power off button. I managed to restart it with the previous version of endless( 7.8), but I can’t change it back as you described. The error is:Commit dd7c0a54a0c6303e7eea425dd4e11cf37ebb99ed55d84881ce8308a950fc28ee: Commit has collection ID ‘com.endlessm.Os’ in collection binding metadata, while the remote it came from has collection ID ‘com.endlessm.Demo.Os’.

What else can I do about it?
Thanks for helping me!.

By the way, with the new version the hexadecimal sting looks like this:51610f7af0cc1d2e0880024e634d00883a0f61bbdf00656f384aa7fb647f5789.0 (pending)

I think the instructions you were referring to were these from @egrath which I moved to a different thread:

For the record, we have a built-in eos-rollback command to do this in one step.

The error message you give above is interesting because it refers to com.endlessm.Demo.Os. Had you previously switched to the beta channel? Can you get a diagnostics file by following these instructions, and attach it here?

Heyeos-diagnostic-200507_222559_UTC 0200.txt|attachment (780,7 kB)

Here is my file. I think I might have switched to a beta version trying to fix the bugs at the first place. Thanks for help!

eos-diagnostic-200507_222559_UTC 0200.txt (780,7 kB)

Please forgive the slow response.

[remote "eos"]

Yep, you’re on the beta channel.

You should be able to switch back to the previous deployment with:

pkexec eos-rollback

However, you may want to try upgrading to 3.8.1 which was released yesterday. If you’re not already on it, try booting to 3.7.8 then running:

pkexec eos-stage-ostree prod
eos-updater-ctl update

This release includes some firmware that was missing from the 3.8.0 release, and has been reported to fix issues on some other Wi-Fi devices too. It would be interesting to know whether it fixes your case. (Your log shows your device uses the nl80211 driver.)

excuse me…i did exactly what you said, but this happened. what’s wrong?

eos-diagnostic-200601_013400_UTC 0800.txt (2.4 MB)