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I have a Vivobook and there are times when it loses connection to the wi-fi, it does not reconnect no matter what. In order to solve this issue, I have to restart the computer and try again. Lately, I see that there are moments when I simply turn on the laptop and even though it shows all the networks, it won’t connect to the one in my home.
What can I do? I also uploaded the file terminal created.
eos-diagnostic-200202_152340_UTC 0200.txt (806.0 KB)

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The logs show that you are working with a wifi network called UPC45183D3, and two access points correspond to that name.

One of them reports reason code 19 when you try to connect. This access point is reporting that it is running at capacity and is unable to handle any more connections.

The other one reports reason code 2, which is again a case of the access point refusing to service the connection, but without a very clear reason.

Do you have any unrelated wifi networks that you can try connecting to when you encounter this problem? Such as a hotspot connection on your smartphone. Just to confirm if your computer is able to successfully connect to other networks at such times.

As a separate test, when you encounter these connection difficulties, do you have any other devices that you can use (excluding any that are already connected to the same wifi network) that you can use to double check the ability to connect other devices to the same network as a side-by-side test right at the same time?

I tried connecting it to the phone hotspot as you said, the connection was good and it did not get lost.
On the other hand, any other device connected to that network works well.

That’s an unfortunately awkward situation then, as it’s hard to detect whether the problem belongs to the access points, or to the wireless setup on the Endless unit.

Do you have ownership or admin powers to the access points? It might be worth checking if there is a firmware update available for the access point; sometimes firmware updates can overcome client compatibility issues like this one.

I got in touch with the internet provider and they told me that the problem was caused by the network security, so they changed it. Now the connection seems to be ok. I am waiting to see what happens.
I really hope what I wrote here is understandable, as I am not a native English speaker and I did not know how to describe it better.
Thank you very much for your support.

Perfectly clear. I hope it now works reliably!

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