Deleted documents by accident

I need help, my friend deleted his documents by accident, I know that you can throw back it but we don’t know how, can anybody help us? He used shift+del.

If your friend is @James_Martinez, i’ve answered in his thread:

I don’t know what to do. I have de USB with Sistem rescue, when boot nothing happens. What’s next?

I assume you have downloaded the ISO from their Download page:

And then written it to a USB stick with Fedora Media Writer or a similar tool?

/edit: Additional note: Data rescue is a highly specialized field of expertise and nothing for the faint hearted. In case the document is really important and can’t be recovered otherwise, i would recommend you to bring over the device to some skilled computer repair shop and ask them if they can recover the file using a Live USB with Photorec or similar tool.

It’s really important, it’s my university thesis. I have little time to look for help, so thank you very much.

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