Enabling scanner

I have a Epson printer scanner L380. The printer functions properly if the driver for L210 is enabled. However, the scanner is not detected. In ubuntu the following steps enable the scanner:-1: add the vender and product code to epson2.conf file in /etc/sane.d/,
2: add user to group lp, and then reboot/ login again.
However, in Endless os doing step 2 i.e. adding user to group lp generates an error -
"Adding user anubhav' to grouplp’ …
gpasswd: group ‘lp’ does not exist in /etc/group
adduser: `/bin/gpasswd -a anubhav lp’ returned error code 3. Exiting."
Can anyone tell me which group does the scanner exist in or how to add user to scanner group in endless OS.
also whether sane utilities are installed in EOS.
Help would be highly appreciated


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@rbhatt Epson scanner won at a recent search, but maybe not.

your [L3-80 scanner is pretty advanced as it has a printer function.

printer group depend on dependencies; constructed here.

@rbhatt What version of Endless OS are you using?

sorry for late reply. I have updated the OS to 3.5. Now the printer is functioning properly. Only the scanner is not working.