Endless OS lagging, freezing

eos-diagnostic-191113_164954_UTC 0300.txt (1.0 MB)


Recently, I’ve been facing a new issue. That’s the 1st one since I’ve started using EOS.
So, sometimes I get freezes and lack of reaction on my clicks on anything. For example: it appears out of nowhere, I want to turn off wifi, click “turn off” - nothing happens. And practically nothing works in this moment. I try to restart, but if I click on “power” button on the right down side - nothing happens. The only solution if to push and hold ‘power’ button on the laptop. i.e. physical restart

Please, could you help me with this problem?
Thank you in advance

After the restart, it’s all OK, but after some time, maybe half a day, maybe less it happens again. Just some strange freezes and lack of reaction on what I do and click

the same problem with my computer too.

I have a vague speculation that Google Chrome is the root of the cause, especially it’s hardware acceleration. Can you please try to disable Hardware acceleration in Chrome:

Settings->Advanced->Use Hardware acceleration when available

And verify that it’s disabled by entering chrome://gpu in the URL-bar of chrome. Now work as usual and let’s see if the problem persists.

it helped. i have not faced any significant lags this week. But i still can’t update framework which i mentioned about it to you.

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