EOS freezes on app-store and Geopard

Hello, I 'm currently testing EOS 5.1.0 in vbox 6.1 and it often freezes, e.g. on the app-store while looking for detailed information of an item.

Also I noticed this freezes on Gemini/Geopard while using the right mouse click.

I got an older laptop but with 12GiB RAM and assigned 6GiB RAM to EOS.

I used the OVF file basic of the current EOS.

Could this be related to Wayland?

Before such behavior In the console top and df are showing plenty of free resources and also the host windows system isn’t overwhelmed.

The app-store no longer finds apps or is showing updates or the like and the circle is spinning to death or sometimes stands still. Nothing loads.

I used VirtualBox 6.1.34r150636 (Qt5.6.2) on an older laptop with Microsoft Windows 7 6.1.7601.

I upgraded after some hassle with the stable 7.0.12 version of Oracle VirtualBox, due to not detecting 2019 c++ redistributable, because it’s on Windows 7 bundled as 2014-2022 c++ redistributable, to a Testversion 7.0.13r160845 (Qt5.15.2), which does accept that naming scheme.

Also I disabled 3D aceleration in virtualBox Preferences>Display. GuestAdditions are not installed. Failed to mount image. (It’s probably not possible to install the guest additions, due to read only file system. So some features and maybe 3D accelearation are not possible).

I figured out, that VirtualBox 7 crashes with 3D accelaration checked in display preferences. VirtualBox 6.1 didn’t do that. I cannot tell, if the former issues are appearing due to the 3D option in vbox, or due to the version of VirtualBox.

Now EndlessOS doesn’t freezed yet.

I can complain about the numerous times App Center reloads/rerenders the page again and again. That makes it very slow and frustrating to search and install a collection of software at once in a bunch.

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