Error no such device ostree for begginers


are there simpler instructions for no tech savy people? I managed to download image files on USB but the rest of the instructions are like alien language to me! how do I download the recovery script and run chmod 755 eos-fix-mbr-swap-removal ?


To help you resolve your problem it would be good if you could step back and explain from the start: what are you trying to do (for example, are you trying to install Endless, or are you having trouble with an existing installation) and what are the results that you are seeing?


after an update the notebook with endless os stoped working, it is just a black screen with the same messaghe, no such device ostree, we read a theme here with a list of instructions, step first 1. Make sure you have a Live USB or DVD which contains sfdisk, lsblk, and dd. These are pretty standard Linux tools and are available by default on Endless Live USB. There are instructions on how to create a Live USB on
2. Download the recovery script from
3. Make sure the script is executable by running chmod 755 eos-fix-mbr-swap-removal .
4. Run the script as root with sudo ./eos-fix-mbr-swap-removal .
5. The script will point you to where it saved its logs. Please grab that log file and upload here so we can make sure everything went as planned.
6. Shutdown your computer safely, remove the Live USB / DVD, and turn it back on.

I think I managed to do the first step but then I have no idea what to do!


Thanks for the info and sorry for the trouble here.

When did this update happen, was it recent? Do you happen to know which version of Endless you were running before the update? Or do you recall if it had updated at other points in recent months?

Apart from the “no such device” problem you are seeing now, do you recall if anything else appeared wrong or suspicious in the update process or during the first reboot after the update was applied?

I’m surprised to see this issue come up again and I don’t expect it to be related to the other thread you found here (we put things in place to avoid that original issue in these new updates).

Step 1 you mentioned involves creating a bootable USB disk that you can use to boot into an Endless environment from the USB disk. Have you managed to do that? If so, and if you allow us to have remote access to your PC, perhaps we can try to figure this out that way. Which timezone are you in?

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