Failure to log into user account after signing up with google

So I factory reset my computer after an unrelated issue involving an app. when i factory reset it I got the standard language etc. question. When it became time to make a user account, i clicking sign in with google to avoid any hassle. this is what seemed to cause the problem. no apps or programs were loading at all on the home screen, i figured they were simply taking a while to set up, but it seems the computer just broke. So, I powered off and back on thinking that was the obvious fiix. Now, when i boot up and am met with the familiar user account screen, when I click on the account signed in with google, it doesnt sign in at all. i click it, it loads for .5 seconds like its about to log in and greet me with the home screen, and then it switches back to the familar account screen again. ive done this process dozens of times and it never signs me in. There is no terminal or factory reset i can do again, only a shut down, accessibility features, network, mobile broadband, and battery. no matter how many shut downs i do i still cannot log in, so i am hard locked out of my computer. im typing this on my tablet rn unfortunately.

Does your username include any uppercase characters? There’s a bug currently which results in exact the issue you have - no desktop icons at all.

To reset your computer, press Ctrl-Alt-F2, which will put you into text mode. Log in there with your username and run:

sudo eos-factory-reset --users

Then, start from scratch and use only lowercase characters for your username.

ezgif-5-ac0e1f6921 heres a low quality clip

no it doesnt, its all lowercase. i cant even get past the user account page to get to the home screen or terminal

the text mode worked though!! thank you so much!!

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