Flatpak Software - Wishlist



I thought I would open topic so we can start to make a wishlist of software the community would like see in Endless OS that dose not have a flatpak version already available. This will give us the ability to get on to developers to make flatpaks of their software available, or if we are able to to just make the flatpaks ourselves and if you are not able to build a flatpak it will let the greater community of thous who can building and testing the software.


I myself would like to see Enigma :slight_smile:


I am going to send a email to the developer to see if they have been looking into a flatpak version and if not I will see if they need help doing it and we can get a flatpak version out there.


I would like python, octave, mysql :smiley:


Python is already included in Endless OS - if you open the Terminal app you should be able to run both python and python2.


Thanks ptomato, I was just about to check that because I was certain that python was already installed in the bases system.


Thanks for starting this thread. I’ll keep an eye on what the community is interested in!


Some suggestions from https://community.endlessm.com/t/adicionar-video-aulas-no-aplicativo-programacao-e-tutorial-interativo/1694/3:

  • Klavaro, another typing app more for adults than Tux Typing is
  • More IDEs: Eclipse, Netbeans, QtCreator, Lazarus, PyCharm, Bluefish
  • More Editors: Atom, Geany
  • GitKraken
  • Database tools like MySQL Workbench and PGAdmin














Don’t worry, I will be as well. Really I started it for myself to, just so I could learn how to uses and create Flatpak’s.


I think gnome pomodoro should be adapted to be included in Endless OS. Formerly it was distributed as an extension, but it seems that now it is an independent application.


considering this request in Spanish I made GeoGebra available as a flatpak in flathub.org: https://github.com/flathub/org.geogebra.GeoGebra

Is Endless OS going to have Flathub repository added by default in next release? Otherwise you could take the flatpak above into your repos.


Not in 3.2, which is coming out very soon. But potentially for the next major release later in the year. We are working closely with the Flathub developers (in fact, our own @ramcq is building out the infrastructure for iti) and we plan to take advantage of it as soon as we reliably can.


Apps I’d like to see:

Gnome Power Manager (Power Statistics) so I can check the health of my notebook battery